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Owning a Novacucina kitchen means having a piece of Italian design history in your home. Send us your floorplan through our form and we’ll provide solutions to help create your dream kitchen.

The Heart of Italian Artisan Craftsmanship

Top kitchen purveyor brings your dream kitchen to life with customizable solutions and best value options. 
More than a functional room to prepare and cook food, today’s kitchens have many uses in the light of the urban living. Whether you prefer a compact cooking nook with hidden storage or a lavish, spacious one to stage your culinary skills, Modernrbands definitely has something for you.
We offer infinite combinations of cutting edge materials, colours and finishes to suit different preferences. From matte and glossy lacquer, cement resin, painted oak, matte glass, nano-tech finishes, metallic finishes, laminates, and a lot more, you are sure to find the best fit for the busiest area of your home.
As if these are not enough, each kitchen evokes detailed craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics Italian artisans are known for. Have an Italian Kitchen designed by an Italian Designer or directed by one.
Kitchens Made In Italy.

Kitchen Hoods
Unlike traditional cooker hoods, Circle.Tech filtering units develop horizontally rather than vertically. The outflowing air is conveyed through a filtering unit surrounding the motor and evenly distributed. Given its circular shape, the filtering surface reaches the maximum extension, thus achieving excellent performances in terms of suction capacity, top filtering results and extreme quietness.


Dining Room Hoods
Equipped with Circle.Tech system, a single apparatus of the suction and filtering part, which develops horizontally, allows the outgoing air to spread uniformly and be effectively filtered by a series of filters that surround the engine. Equipped with USB outputs & power sockets.