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Living Space

Offering designer pieces sans designer prices, Living Space is a distinguished home décor and furnishing source with a wide array of great products that will complete your lavish home.

Innovation Living

Taking pride in its traditional Danish craftsmanship, Innovation has been creating the most innovative sofabeds that are perfect for every modern home.


A member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, Gus* is an award-winning and leading manufacturer of timelessly modern, eco-friendly, clean-line furniture.


Engineering stability to end the reign of wobbly tables, Flat is an Australian maker of hydraulic technologies that stabilize table bases for easy use and better performance.


With a wide range of lighting styles crafted and curated to fit the varied needs of every home, Nordlux is geared towards providing a one-stop shop for affordable indoor and outdoor lighting needs - light sources and accessories included.

Recor Originals

One of Europe's top producers of topnotch living and bedroom furniture, this Belgian company offers a wide range of home pieces that are flawlessly crafted to cater to all degrees of sleeping comfort.


The story of Novacucina kitchens began in the 90s by an Italian company that specializes in the production of classic style and fitted kitchens with modularity in mind.

Alf Dafre

The Alf Group dates back to the 1950s. A group of highly skilled, experienced Italian craftsmen founded a co-op located in francenigo (treviso) to mass produce wooden furniture.

Linie Design

Linie Design is a Danish design company founded in 1980 and is the biggest developer and wholesaler of handmade rugs in Northern Europe. It values elegant colors and excellent materials are part of their everyday life.


Modernbrands Inc. is a lifestyle furniture company that prides itself on its unique collection of home and contract furniture, modular kitchen lines and wardrobes.


To be the leading lifestyle furniture company in the country.


We strive to offer Filipino's with unique, quality and innovative designs from across the world that will go beyond the expected features of standard furniture

Modernbrands Inc. and Alveo Land Corporation Partnership

Modernbrands Inc. in partnership with Alveo Land, formally unveils a year-long partnership with a fr...

Couple Playful - an ALVEO One Bedroom Model Unit Designed by Per Weiss

Modernbrands Inc. in partnership with Alveo Land, formally unveils a year-long partnership with a fr...

How Marilen Faustino-Montenegro styles uses the Zeal daybed at Home

Check out how Marilen Faustino-Montenegro styles her home using her new favorite Zeal daybed from In...


Maintenance tips 101: How to Properly Clean Your Sofa Beds At Home

Each year, new sofa beds designs come fresh to the market, new styles come out, embargo lifts, and you then update yours.But in order to get the most value for your sofabed investment, the question that will pop out will be on how to properly take ca...

DesignPod Exhibit Exclusively at Shangri-La Plaza Mall!

Welcome the Holiday’s early with Modernbrands’ Exhibit display at Shangri-La Plaza Mall! We’re showcasing yet again our best designs we have from our 2018 furniture collection! And if it doesn’t excite you enough, we’re also giving away 15% DISCOUNT ...

New ALVEO Unit Designs Are Out!

Our New Designs Are Out for Your Next ALVEO Unit! Our Home Starter Program launches a new set of innovative design layouts in addition to our portfolio for ALVEO Projects. The packages include a couple of Studio Unit and 2 Bedroom designs made by Mod...


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